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  • Receipt

    Immediately upon receipt, your order is registered in our ERP software. You receive an order confirmation stating the price and provisional deadline by email.

    Your order is then assigned to a project manager. The project manager will draw out the parts and resolves any technical issues, before submitting these plans to you for validation. Once the project has been finalized, the production of the part is initiated.

  • Laser cutting machine

    This machine uses an optical fibre-based cutting technology. The fully automated laser achieves unrivalled precision when cutting sheets made from steel, aluminium, stainless steel, etc. A range of different shapes and micro-perforations are possible.

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  • Punching machine

    Our exceptionally sized punching machine can handle very large perforated sheets thanks to its speed of motion around its axis. Its characteristics and specialized tools allow for great flexibility and precision. A wide selection of deformations is possible.

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  • Water jet cutting

    Our water jet cutter can cut materials extremely precisely without creating any thermal deformation. It can handle materials such as metal, composites, stone (except diamond), wood, and plastic with thicknesses of up to 150 mm.

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  • Surface smoothing

    This machine increases the final quality of the piece by straightening the metal sheets. It also removes the tensions brought by the machining process inside the material.

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  • Deburring

    This machine has been granted multiple patents for its sophisticated technology. It softens the edges of any metal parts, both outer and inner. The rotational and oscillatory motion of the reducer yields a uniform finish on the outer perimeter of the sheets without damaging the protective PVC.

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  • Bending

    The 4 rollers of the bending machine perform rolling and stretching operations at both small radii (90 mm) and larger radii (3 m).

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  • Sheet metal bending

    This machine is extremely flexible. It works just as well with small metal components as with 4-meter parts. It can also shape materials of various types and thickness. The 3-point bending technology achieves unparalleled precision.

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  • Panelling machine

    This machine complements conventional folding machines. It distinguishes itself by its speed and ability to craft complex geometries.

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  • Manual welding

    We offer steel, stainless steel, and aluminium welding.

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  • Quality control

    To guarantee the quality of the final product, we perform quality control on the sheet metal before storage and retrieval.

    Delhez is certified according to EN1090 and ISO9001.

    ISO9001 EN1090
  • Finalization

    When your order is ready, we send a mail to let you know that you can retrieve your purchase.