Water jet cutting

Water jet cutting
Water jet cutting

Water jet cutting machine

Water jet cutting is a state-of-the-art technology that cuts materials at cold temperatures, thereby avoiding any thermal deformation.

High-pressure water jets loaded with abrasive particles are focused onto the material in an extremely narrow beam. These jets are able to cut a range of different materials cleanly and precisely: metals, but also stone, wood, and plastic. Only diamond is too tough.

Our water jet cutting machine enables us to make extremely precise cuts, accurate to within 0.1 mm, on parts with thicknesses of up to 150 mm. The greatest advantage of water cutting is that it avoids thermal deformation in the material.


  • 01

    Flat cutting up to 3000x1500 mm

  • 02

    Machining of parts up to 1600 kg/m²

  • 03

    Positional accuracy of around 0.025 mm/axis