Tube laser cutting

Tube laser cutting
Tube laser cutting

Our tube laser cutting machine

With our tube laser cutting machine we achieve 3D high-quality angular cuts when processing round, square and rectangular pipes as well as special shaped tubes or open sections.

Our LT8.20 tube laser cutting machine has the particularity to achieve 3D laser tube cutting. The tilting of the laser head makes it possible to cut at an angle of 45°, rather than at a right angle. Cutting tubes in 3D provides multiple advantages: more accurate and discrete weld prep cuts, easy assembly of tubes and profiles...

With this machine, we can cut profiles in small or large series. We can cut diameters up to 240 mm with a bar weight of up to 40 kg/m. Cuttable materials are steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass.

As the machine is operated by a specific software, it is possible to achieve all the desired cutting patterns. Moreover, all shapes of standard or special shaped tubes can be processed: round, square, triangular...

Cutting is performed with fibre laser, a state-of-the-art technology which enables maximum cutting performance.


  • 01

    45° cutting angle for even more precision

  • 02

    Cut diameters up to ∅ 240 mm. Bar weight up to 40 kg/m

  • 03

    All standard or special shaped tubes possible

  • 04

    Free cutting patterns through software control