Laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine
Laser cutting machine

Our laser cutter

With our laser, we can cut a range of shapes in aluminium, steel, stainless steel, but also copper, brass, and titanium.

Our machine features a laser beam generated and carried over optical fibre. This technology has several advantages: a high cutting precision, the ability to automate operations, but also low energy consumption.

The laser cutter is fully automated. In other words, the loading, sorting, and unloading are performed automatically. The laser is connected to a warehouse with 18 stations for mass production.

In other words, this machine offers a versatile, efficient, sustainable solution at a competitive cost.


  • 01

    Machining of large formats (4000x2000 mm) up to 15 mm thick

  • 02

    Capable of cutting diameters of 0.5 mm and above

  • 03

    Capable of working with pre-perforated sheets